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  (Paper 98)

  Directions:Talk on the following topic for 5 minutes. Be sure to make your points clear and supporting details adequate. You should also be ready to answer any questions raised by the examiners during your talk. You need to have your name and registration number recorded. Start your talk with “My name is…” “My registration number is…”.

  Topic: HSK: Bridge to China

  Questions for reference:

  1. HSK stands for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, a Chines proficiency test for non-native Chinese speakers. In recent years, the number of foreigners taking the HSK test has been increasing every year. Could you explain why these foreigners take this test? (to know their Chinese level; apply for jobs; apply to study at Chinese universities, etc.)

  2. Will Chinese become an international language, as English has? Why or why not?

  3. Which language is more important in your study and/or work, Chinese or English? Give your reasons.

  Part A

  Passage 1

  Ladies and gentlemen,at this closing to the end of our visit,1 would like to express our heart—felt thanks to our Chinese hosts for their extraordinary arrangements and hospitality.//

  In the short period of 20 days of friendly visit,we have acquired a keen sense of the diversity,

  dynamism,and progress of China under your policies of reform and opening up to the outside world.//

  China is to US a memorable and nostalgic home.During our stay here,we have spent a great deal of pleasant time with the Chinese people一working,shopping,sightseeing,and touring the city on the public buses.//

  These are the happy and important days.We have deeply felt that our friendly and cooperative ties

  have become extensive,affecting all aspects of our lives:commerce,culture,education,and scientific




  在短短的2 O天友好访问中,我们己强力感受到在改革开放政策引导下,中国到处一派气象万千,充满活力,不断进取的景象。//

  中国是我们难以忘怀,深深思念的家乡。在此逗留二十天期间,我们与中国人民度过了许多美好的时光——我们一块工作,一块购物, 一块坐着公交逛城。//


  Passage 2

  I’m very happy to hear that more and more Chinese students show interest in studying in Britain.I'd like to answer your question concerning the qualifications required for the applying for entrance to universities.//

  The procedures for applying for British Universities are quite formal.You can get forms and applications from places like the British Council and you can get information from and apply through at Council. //

  Normally what my university is looking for at the undergraduate level is high school diploma,with a good level of English.That’s usually set in IELTS test around 5. 5 or so.//

  As for applying for postgraduate studies,that。s usually a direct application to the university, so you have to check out which university you are interested in and apply directly.//






  Part B

  Passage 1


  人类进入2 1世纪,面临着众多机遇和挑战。这就要求我们建立新的合作伙伴关系,而且要有新的观念和方法。//




  Today, I am very pleased to attend the Forum of Cooperation between ASEAN and China.I find it necessary and important for leaders from different Asian countries to gather here to share our views on promoting our cooperation in a wide range of areas.//

  We have entered the 21st century, we have been faced with many opportunities and challenges. It calls for new concepts and new methods to establish a new partnership.//

  On the basis of mutual respect,equality and mutual benefit,we should seek common ground while putting aside differences,enhance mutual understanding and trust,and promote technical exchange and cooperation.//

  We hope that the members of ASEAN and other Asian countries will coexist with each other as neighbors and treat one another friendly in promoting economic development and expanding regional cooperation while maintaining their own social and political stability. //

  Passage 2






  The right to work and enjoy social security is a fundamental right of citizens,having a direct bearing on their vital interests.The progress of the reform and opening-up has created favorable conditions for solving the problems of employment ant]social security.//

  The further growth of the national economy and the increase of economic strength has provided a solid material foundation for the enlargement of employment and the Improvement of social security. //

  At the same time,the Chinese government is also fully aware that the structural unemployment will become more serious for a long time to come,and labor relations are expected to become more complicated.//

  The aging of the population and the increase of unemployment will put more pressure on social security, and promotion of social security in rural areas will have a long way to go. //


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