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  (Paper 97)

  Directions:Talk on the following topic for 5 minutes. Be sure to make your points clear and supporting details adequate. You should also be ready to answer any questions raised by the examiners during your talk. You need to have your name and registration number recorded. Start your talk with “My name is…” “My registration number is…”.

  Topic: Building a New Socialist Countryside

  Questions for reference:

  1. Have you ever been to, heard or read of, any part of the rural areas of China? What is your general impression of that area? Be specific and give examples.

  2. The issues concerning agriculture are fundamental ones that have a bearing on China’s overall modernization drive. The government has done many things to help the rural areas and farmers. Could you enumerate one or two of these things?

  3. What should we, as young educated people, do to help develop our rural areas?

  Part A

  Passage 1

  Thank you very much for your gracious invitation to visit your great country.Although our two countries are geologically located far apart, we have a lot in common. //

  As we are both developing countries with almost similar political and cultural characteristic,

  We, therefore, welcome the interest and understanding that China has shown regarding the problems and positions taken by small and developing countries//

  China’s support is a constant source of encouragement to us in the pursuit of the goals of social and economic development It is my sincere hope that we can further develop our links and friendship on the basis of mutual respect and benefit.//

  1 am very happy that in the next few days 1 will have the opportunity to learn something from your endeavors and experience in promoting economic and social development. And I am sure the current visit will be rewarding. //






  Passage 2

  In the current knowledge-based economy, there is no fixed pattern that has proven successful in any field. For my part, we need to meet changes more flexibly in a bid to do things better. //

  Besides,we need to be able to create new opportunities for ourselves in universities,teachers

  have to increase their students’ ability to innovate and their confidence to dream big dreams and take risks. //

  A university teacher needs to lead his students, by his own example, along wandering paths to academic success. During the process of development, the students often do not know where the next step is. //

  By suggesting a new way forward,the teacher creates a sense of adventure and allows the students to catch a glimpse of the knowledge frontier.This is where teaching and learning becomes exciting. //






  Part B

  Passage 1


  我们将继续加强同发展中国家,特别是周边国家的积极关系。我们要进一步加强与欧盟的合作伙伴关系。// ‘




  China will unswervingly carry out its foreign policy of peace and independent.China’S foreign policy serves to gain a long—term,sound international environment conducive to the maintenance of world peace and the promotion of our development.//

  We will continue to foster positive relationships with the developing countries,especially with our surrounding countries.We will further strengthen the China—EU and partnership of co operation.//

  We will also further-strengthen unity and cooperation with countries in Africa,Latin America,as well as from other parts of the world,striving to establish a just and rational international political and economic order//

  China will continue to take part in multilateral diplomatic activities of a global and regional nature and play a constructive role in the affairs of UN reform, peace—keeping,and environmental protection.//

  Passage 2






  The rapid development over the past 20 years and more has laid down certain material and technological foundation in the west。The market economic system is in the process of improvement.//

  All these have created a favorable market environment for the sustained and fast economic progress in the western regions.Meanwhile,the Chinese government has combined the work of economic restructuring with the promotion of opening up.//

  As the strategy of developing the western regions is steadily pushed forward,the resources and economic advantages Of the west will be brought into full play so that the quality and level of its economic growth will be further raised.//

  The Chinese government will make elaborate efforts to improve the investment climate to make the environment more attractive to foreign investors.At present,priority is given to the improvement of the soft environment for foreign investment.//


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