2009年3月高口Reading Tset真题及解析(3)

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  2009年3月高口Reading Tset真题及解析(3)   SECTION 2: READING TEST(30 minutes)   Questions 11--15

  When the British artist Paul Day unveiled his nine metre-high bronze statue of two lovers 1ocked in an embrace at London's brand new St Pancreas Intenational station last year it was lambasted as "kitsch", "overb1own” and "truly horrific". Now, a brief glimpse of a new frieze to wrap around a plinth for The Meeting Place statue has been revealed, depicting "dream-like" scenes inspired by the railways.

  Passengers arriving from the continent will be greeted with a series of images including a Tube train driven by a ske1eton as a bearded drunk sways precariously c1ose to the passing train. Another shows the attempted suicide of a jilted lover under a train reflected in the sunglasses of a fellow passenger. Another section reveals a woman in short skirt with her legs wrapped round her lover while they wait for the next train.

  Other less controversial parts of the terracotta draft frieze depicts soldiers leaving on troop trains for the First World War and the evacuation of London's underground network after the terror attacks of 7 Ju1y 2005.

  Until the unveiling of The Meeting Place last year, Day, who lives in France, was best known for the Battle of Britain memorial on Embankment. His new frieze looks set to be a return to the sort of crammed bronze montages that has made him so well known. Day said he wanted the new plinth to act as the ying to the larger statue’s yang.

  "For me this sculpture has always been about how our dreams collide with the real world," he said. "The couple kissing represent an ideal, a perfect dream reality that ultimately we cannot obtain. The same is true of the railways. They were a dream come true, an incredible feat of engineering but they also brought with them mechanized warfare, Blitzkieg and death."

  Day is stil1 working on the final bronze frieze which will be wrapped around the bottom of the plinth in June next year but he say he wants the 50 million passengers that pass through St Pancras every year to be able to get up close and personal with the final product. "The statue is like a signpost to be seen and understood from far away" he said. "Its size is measured in terms of the station itself .The frieze, on the other hand, is intended to capture the gaze of passers-by and lead them on a short journey of reflections about travel and change that echoes their presence in St Pancras, adding a very different experience to The Meeting Place sculpture".

  Brushing aside some of the criticism leveled at his work that has compared it to cartoons or comic strips, Day said he believed his work would stand the test of time. "All the crap that was hur1ed at the sculpture was just that, crap," he said. "The reaction from the critics was so strangely hosti1e but I be1ieve time wil1 tell whether people, not the art press, will va1ue the piece.

  "When people criticise my reliefs for looking like comic strips they have got the wrong end of the stick. Throughout the ages, man has been telling stories through a series of pictures, whether it's stained glass windows, sculptures or photojournalism. My friezes are part of that tradition."

  Stephen Jordan, from London and Continental Rai1ways, which commissioned the piece, said: "The Meeting Place seeks to challenge and has been well received by visitors who love to photograph it. In addition, it performs an important role within the station, being visib1e from pretty much anywhere on the upper leve1 of St Pancras Intenational and doing exactly what was planned, making the perfect meeting place for friends."

  11. Which of the following is NOT true about The Meeting Place sculpture?   (A) It has been completed with the rebuilding of the St Pancras International station.   (B) It is located at London's new St Pancras International station.   (C) It has been designed by the British artist Paul Day   (D) It is a nine metre-high bronze statue of two lovers locked in an embrace.

  l2. The word “lambasted" from the sentence "it was lambasted as 'kitsch', 'overblown',and 'truly horrific"' (para.1) can be paraphrased as_______.   (A applauded (B) evaluated (C) criticized (D) slandered

  l3.When Paul Day says ''but they (the railways) a1so brought with then mechanized warfare, Blizkrieg and death" (para. 5), he means that _______.   (A) without railways, there would be no mechanized warfare, Blitzkrieg and death   (B) railways led to mechanized warfare, Blitzkreg and death   (C) the building of railways came in the wake of warfare, Blitzkrieg and death   (D) the building of railways shows that technology also has horrible destructive power

  14. When Paul Day says that "they (the critics) have got the wrong end of the stick" (Para. 8), he was telling us that_______.   (A) they should not be so hostile to his creation   (B) they are wrong to compare his creation to cartoons or comic strips   (C) they do not get the essence of his friezes   (D) they should know more about the tradition of human story telling

  15. According to Paul Day, The Meeting Place sculpture is intended________.   (A) to display the controversial world of the past century   (B) to demonstrate how the ying and the yang accommodatie each other   (C) to picture the life of London people during those war years   (D) to show how human dreams come into conflict with the real world






  20:这道题是推断题,也是经常出现在最后一道的题型。这道题回到最后一段找答案即可。 需要注意的是推断题一般而言是要在原文内容的基础上再进一步,因此综合对比下来,得出推断的正确答案为B。


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