2009年3月高口Listening Comprehension真题及解析

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  2009年3月高口Listening Comprehension真题及解析   Listening Comprehension   Passage 2   European Union

  A European Union flotilla will begin anti-piracy operations off the coast of Somalia next week, EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana said on Tuesday. The six warships and three maritime reconnaissance aircraft will replace a NATO naval force that has been patrolling the region and escorting cargo ships carrying relief aid to Somalia since the end of October. Although the NATO ships have successfully delivered nearly 30,000 tons of humanitarian supplies to the impoverished nation, they have not been able to stem the upsurge in pirate attacks on foreign shipping in one of the most important shipping lanes in the world. (101 words)

  New Delhi, India  US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Pakistan yesterday to cooperate "fully and transparently" in investigations into the Mumbai attacks that have upset India-Pakistan relations. India has said the 10 militants who rampaged through its financial capital killing 171 people were from Pakistan, including one surviving gunman. If Pakistan fails to act swiftly against those responsible, India has threatened to pull out of a nearly five-year-old peace process between the nuclear rivals. "This is the time for everybody to cooperate and to do so transparently, and this is especially a time for Pakistan to do so," Rice told a press conference in New Delhi. (103 words)

  Ottawa, Canada   Canada’s minority Conservative government may seek the temporary suspension of Parliament to stop opposition parties from voting it out and taking power, an aide to Prime Minister Stephen Harper said on Tuesday. The Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc Quebecois signed a deal on Monday committing them to bringing down the government, just seven weeks after it won re-election with a strengthened minority, and forming a coalition government to replace the Conservatives. The opposition says Harper is not doing enough to tackle the fallout from the financial crisis, so they proposed forging a coalition of Liberals and New Democrats, with the separatist Bloc promising its support. (105 words)

  Manila, the Philippines   Philippine lawmakers allied to President Gloria Arroyo quashed an impeachment motion against her yesterday, shielding her from opposition moves to unseat her for the fourth time in as many years. Eleven opposition lawmakers walked out of the chamber when it became apparent that an overwhelming majority of the 238-member House of Representatives would throw out the impeachment complaint. Voting 183-21, with three abstaining, the House of Representatives adopted a report by a congressional justice panel dismissing the impeachment complaint for lack of substance, blocking a possible trial in the Senate. The complaint against Arroyo, due to serve until mid-2010, were based on charges of corruption, bribery and human rights abuses. Apart from surviving four impeachments, she has also escaped three attempts by troops since 2003 to seize power. (128 words)

  Cambridge, United States   Harvard University says its endowment has tumbled $8 billion in the four months since the end of the last fiscal year. The school’s endowment is the largest in higher education. The estimated 22 percent decline is the school’s sharpest endowment drop in modern history. The endowment was valued at $36.9 billion on June 3. The school has said its U.S. stock portfolio and foreign equity portfolio had taken hard hits recently. The university’s president warned that the estimated drop may be conservative because some money managers have yet to report figures.

  Question 6: What can we know about the world’s efforts to fight pirate attacks?   欧盟舰队开赴索马里打击海盗。之前北约海军向该国提供了人道主义援助,但未能对海盗进行有效打击。

  Question 7: At a press conference in New Delhi, what did US Secretary of State Rice urge Pakistan to do?   cooperate "fully and transparently" in investigations into the Mumbai attacks 呼吁巴方全力透明地对孟买恐怖主义袭击展开调查

  Question 8: What is Canada’s Minority Conservative Government likely to do according to the news?   原文首句seek the temporary suspension of Parliament to stop opposition parties from voting it out and taking power,重点在seek the temporary suspension of Parliament,临时停止议会运作。

  Question 9: Which of the following statements is true about the political situation in the Philippines according to the news?   大意为菲律宾总体阿罗约再次躲过议会弹劾。在238席位的众议院投票中,183票支持,21票反对,3票弃权,不支持弹劾总统的动议。   Question 10: At least how much has Harvard University’s endowment dropped since the end of the last fiscal year?   答案:8 billion dollars. 问题中的drop对应原文首句tumble,都表示下降。   总体解析   本次新闻题选材自China Daily, Reuters等国内外权威英语媒体,时间点为2008年12月初的新闻。   考题分布依然遵守“4+1”,即4题为主旨大意,1题为数字细节。   5篇新闻分别关于   ü 欧盟舰队开赴索马里打击海盗   ü 美国国务卿敦促巴基斯坦配合恐怖主义袭击调查   ü 加拿大保守党政府与议会的斗争   ü 菲律宾总统躲过议会弹劾   ü 哈佛所获捐赠资金大幅减少   考试前为大家整理的新闻50条中,体现了这次新闻题的绝大多数关键词。比如   anti-piracy operation打击海盗   humanitarian aid人道主义援助   US Secretary of State美国国务卿   Mumbai attacks孟买袭击   rampage肆虐   peace process和平进程   transparently透明地   Parliament议会   Conservative保守党   coalition government联合政府   impeachment弹劾   opposition反对派   House of Representatives众议院   endowment校友捐赠   fiscal year财年   portfolio投资组合

  Passage 3   文本:   M: So you really believe that cloths carry a kind of message for other people and that what we put on is in some way a reflection of what we feel?   W: oh, yes, very much so. People are beginning now to take seriously the idea of a kind of psychology of clothing to believe that there is not only individual taste in our cloth, but also a thinking behind what we wear, which is something we may not even be aware of ourselves.   M: But truly this has been the case. We all dress up when we want to impress someone, such as for a job interview with the prospective employer. We tend to make an effort and put on something smart.   W: True, but that is a conscious act. What I’m talking about is more of a subconscious thing. Take for example the student who is away from home at college or university, if he tends to wrap him self up more than the others, this is because he is probably feeling homesick. Similarly, a general feeling of insecurity can sometimes take the form of overdressing in warmer than are necessary.   M: Can you give any other example of this kind?   W: Yes. I think people who are sociable and outgoing tend to dress in an extrovert way, preferring brighter or more dazzling colours-----yellows, bright reds and so on. In the same way, aggressive cloth might indicate an aggressive personality or attitude toward life.   M: Do you think the care or lack of it over the way we actually wear our cloth has anything to tell us?   W: Yes, indeed. The ranks of a man’s trousers speaks volumes about his awareness his own image. Or if his trousers are at half messed, or sort of hanging down, this probably means he is absorbed by other things.   M: Really?   W: Or, to give you other examples, often minority groups who have perhaps failed to persuade with words tend to express themselves by wearing unconventional or what some might consider outrageous clothing as a way of showing their thoughts and feelings are different from the rest. And so they find an outlet in this way.   M: That surely spills over into other things as well.   W: Oh, yes, indeed. Hair cuts, music and songs can all be a form of rebellion. But to get to back to cloth, I would add that a whole lot about our personality is conveyed in our cloth and the way we look-------aggressiveness, rebelliousness, happiness, sadness and so on. This can all be interpreted. Think of the aging pop star who may be pushing middle age, he’ll keep on dressing up like a rebel to try to prove he is with it still and in touch with his young fans and current trends.

  11.About which of the following topics is the woman being interviewed?

  12. What does it probably show if an individual overdresses in warmer cloth than are necessary

  13.According to the interviewee, what kind of people tend to dress in an extrovert manner?

  14. According to the interviewe, which of the following speaks a lot about man’s awarness of his own image?

  15. According to the interview, who tend to wear unconventional clothing?   本次高级口译听力选择题第三篇围绕“心理”和“着装”的主题展开,中间几乎不牵涉任何难词,问题和文章的脉络对应地条理清晰,因此难度较小,考生正常发挥要做全对难度不大。   第11题是主旨题,答案就是第一句,cloths carry a message for other people and that what we put on is in some way a reflection of what we feel,这个是我们考前讲座所讲到的multiple choice的技巧之一,首句一般是第一个问题的出题之处。第12题,的关键词在于overdress,包括后面than are necessary,都是答案信号,容易定位。 第13题,关键词:extrovert. 第14题   Awareness of his own image。第15题的关键词是unconventional dress. 可见听力选择题是以细节为主,主旨为辅的思路来出题的。

  Passage 4   Computers may never offer a perfect system for work and communications. Yet, in spite of the bugs that need to be worked out, there is no question that computers now shape the pattern of our activities. Almost everyone has felt the tremors and change as the internet has revolutionized the way we do things. From the way we run our daily errands to the way we relate to other human beings, with the internet, we can now get information, products and friends more quickly. With a few clicks of the mouse, we can do research on specific subjects that might have taken hours or days in a library. With online shopping, we can purchase what we need more quickly and efficiently. We can now deal with retailers over the internet, instead of waiting in lines at shopping malls. With email we can maintain friendships as well as create new ones without ever sitting down to write or post a letter. But not everyone feels the internet is improving our lives. The web is messy and that it cannot always provide clear directions on how to get where we want to go. The hyperlinks that exist among different websites often send people on a trip to nowhere or somewhere totally unexpected. The web is not an organized database. Rather, it is a brier patch where people can get stuck or lost. Online shopping is an example of this mass. Although shopping from home is appealing, e-commerce is not always as convenient as one might think. Sometimes it takes a long time to order on the internet. People can waste time or get confused filling out the information on all the different screens to place an order. In fact, anywhere from 33% to 75% of people who shop online drop out before ever placing an order. Most importantly, many people are concerned about privacy issues. They are reluctant to put their personal information on the web. Filling in information such as one’s name, address, phone number and credit card information can shake the confidence of an online shopper. Some even fear that theirs conspiracy among businesses to use consumer information for their own benefit. Perhaps even more troubling is the belief that as people spend more time surfing the web, they are becoming socially isolated. A recent survey indicated that 16% of internet users spend less time with family and friends. The amount of time a husband or wife spends on the web is frequently cited as one cause for divorce. Then the young people say that their closest friends are those they have corresponded with on the internet. That is, their closest friends are people they have never even met. Whether the internet will continue to be a driving force for change is still unknown. And whether the effects of the internet on our lives will be more positive or negative is still debatable.

  16. Computers and the internet have revolutionized the way we do things, which of the following things is not mentioned in the talk?

  17. Why is it that not everyone feels the internet is improving our lives?

  18. Which of the following is the primary concern of online shoppers?

  19. What can we know from the talk that people spending more time surfing the web?

  20. What is the main argument of this talk?

  解析:本段独白讨论了电脑和网络对人类生活的影响,有利也有弊。本段独白生词不多,相对于历年高口考题,这段对话难度偏低。电脑,网络等科技类话题在昂立的口译听力课上反复强调。   文中先提到一个客观事实,即电脑和网络给人们的生活带来了巨大的改变。有了网络,人们可以发电子邮件,可以在网络上购物,可以结交新的朋友。但紧接着文章又提到网络的消极影响,人们越来越依赖网络,从而和家人,朋友的相聚时间减少,网上购物的一些缺点也显现出来。最后文章提到,电脑和网络讲继续影响人们的生活,但到底是利大于弊还是弊大于利,我们还要拭目以待。

  文章中比较难的词汇有:hyperlinks 超链接,conspiracy阴谋,文中用brier patch把web比作一团乱麻。以及一些和电子商务等有关的词汇,如e-commerce, online shopping等。这提醒我们,应在平时就关注科技类谈话的词汇。


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