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  真题练习是口译备考必不可少的一个复习方法,上外口译整理了近几年来中高级口译相关真题及参考答案——Talks and Conversations部分,助大家备考一臂之力。


  II. Talks and Conversations

  Questions 11~14

  B: Hey Mary, you look depressed. Is everything OK?

  G: It's my parents. They are not easy to put up with. They are so old fashioned and they never let me do anything. I go out at night only once in a while, and when I do, I have to be back by 10:00. What should I do?

  B: Have you tried to talk to them?

  G: They never have any time for me. My dad's work comes first, and my mum only sits down with me when she wants to show me off to her friends:° Marry gets straight As, and she made basketball team this year! Er, I want to move out and live on my own!

  B: Well, I get along with my parents, but we don't agree all the time. They worry too much about me. If I'm going away, it's always: don't forget to call as soon as you arrive!, take this medicine with you in case you get sick°,° you must stay away from drugs. They know I'm not into that. They should trust me.

  G: I guess parents are all the same.

  11. What does the woman think of her parents?

  12. Which of the following is TRUE about the woman?

  13. What do this man°s parents often ask him to do when he is going away?

  14. What does the man think his parents should do?

  Questions 15~18

  Ladies and Gentlemen, we all know that even with the advances of science and technology in our modern society, it is very difficult for us to predict an earthquake, let alone, prevented. But people had long ago tried every possible means to record and in some way predict the occurrence of an earthquake.

  The world's first instrument for recording earth quakes was invented in China in the second century AD. The instrument, today we would call it a seismoscope was designed by a Chinese astronomer, and geographer named Zhangheng. It was a vessel like device made of bronze and measured in 6 feet in diameter. Inside the instrument, there was a pendulum that was swing from the movement of a trimmer that is too weak to be felt by a human being. When the pendulum swung, it will pull one of the attached bars. The bar will open the mouth of the dragon sculpture on the outside of the vessel. And a bronze ball will drop, and fall with a clang into the open mouth of a frog sculpture below. This seismoscope could not only record the movement of an earthquake, but also show from which direction of the earthquake came. In AD 138, Zhangheng used his invention to announce that a major earthquake has struck 400 miles northwest of Luoyang, the Chinese capital. His report came long before massagers on horse back brought news of the earthquake to the capital city.

  15. For what purpose was the vessel like seismoscope invented?

  16. What is the function of the pendulum inside the instrument?

  17. According to the talk, what happened in the year AD 138?

  18. How was the news of earthquake brought to the capital city before the invention

  of such an instrument?

  Questions 19~22

  B: Hi Betty, nice to see you again! How long ago did we two meet in the student centre? I'm glad the final examinations are over, and we don't have to stay up all night to cram all the academic stuff into our minds.

  G: Yes. I°m glad we can be here again to relax, and have fun with other fellow students. And now we can look forward to our summer holiday. I've been thinking of going to the States for some time.

  B: I think it would be much better for you to go on holiday here in England than to the United States. To start with, it's a lot nearer, and so it would be much cheaper to get around. That means you will have far more money to spend.

  G: That may be true. But thinking about when you get there. There are much more to do in the United States. There are so many different things to see, and places to go. Imagine you could go to New York, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, and Disney World!

  B: Exactly! Disney World! I have been dreaming of going there ever since my childhood.

  G: So, you are changing your mind, aren't you?

  B: I'm still worrying about the cost of taking a trip to the States. Meanwhile, if you stay here in England, you can probably take up some part-time jobs. That way, you can earn extra money to support your study next semester.

  G: Maybe you are right. I°ll think it over, and talk about it with my parents while I'm home. Anyway, it is they who pay for my study here in the university.

  19: What has the man been doing recently?

  20: Why does the man wants to spend his holiday in England?

  21: Where is this conversation taking place?

  22. At the end of the conversation, what does the woman decide to do?

  Questions 23~26

  All humans experience stress. It is a necessary part of life. Generally speaking, a person's ability to deal with stress is affected by his or her feelings, attitude and outlook on life. To start with, my topic for this week's lecture is teenage stress. Parents tend to think that their children's adolescence is a carefree period of life. However, study show that teenagers can experience the most stress of all people.

  They can experience stress related to money, family problems, self-esteem, acceptance by their peers, getting accepted into college, choosing a career, and pressure to do well in school, sports or clubs. One reason for such stress is that childhood has gotten shorter, and the perception of children has changed. With the rapid advance of information technology, children can get messages that in the past, were probably meant only for adults. And the dividing line between childhood and adulthood ceases to exist. Children do not play as many as their games as we used to. And most of their games and sports nowadays are those usually performed by adults.

  Youngsters are encouraged to use adult language that was once never to be heard around a child. Today, our people are under tremendous pressure to achieve and succeed. It seems to me that the higher our living standard is, the more stress our children experience. In any case, the way by which we live today definitely has something to do with the increase of the level of stress.

  23. According to the talk, how would parents view their children's adolescence?

  24. Which of the following is not a stress-related phenomenon for teenagers?

  25. According to the speaker, what kind of messages can children get today?

  26. What has contributed to the increase of the level of stress?

  Questions 27~30

  A: Good afternoon, Mr. Brown. Won't you take a seat? That's an attractive shirt, is that new?

  B: Fairly, I got it last month for my birthday.

  A: It's very nice. Mr. Brown, I've been enjoying working with you, and you certainly have made some significant contributions. Today, however, I need to speak with you about a problem I have observed. When we are done speaking, I anticipate that we will have a solution worked out for this problem. Does that sound reasonable to you?

  B: Sure, this must be serious. You are so formal.

  A: Yes, Mr. Brown. During the past month, I have observed you returning late from lunch on 5 different occasions. I have the specific deeds listed here.

  B: Hey, I wasn't late, I was running errands.

  A: Mr. Brown, I'm going to give you a chance to respond in just a minute. I need you to listen first. If we interrupt each other, we aren't going to get anywhere.

  B: Okay.

  A: I first observed this change in behavior last month, but I ignored it, assuming that you were engaging in work related activities. However, the end of the month reports came in, and they reviewed a definite drop in your productivity, and significant increase in errors. I spoke with you on the 3rd, and the 17th. On each occasion, the smell of alcohol was obvious. Today, the smell of alcohol is obvious. Drinking while on the job is strictly against company policy. Is there a reason for this change in your behavior?

  B: There is no change in behavior. I only had one beer at lunch. That's not a crime, is it?

  A: I'd like this to be a problem solving session, not a warning session. You are a valuable employee, and I'd like it to stay that way. I'd like to help you, but you have to be willing to be truthful. Would you like to talk about this with a professional councilor?

  B: If you think that would help.

  A: I don't know if it will help. That part is up to you. But I'm willing to work with you. Here's the telephone number of Dr. Laurence. I'd like you to call him and set up an appointment. In the mean time, you must understand that alcohol during working hours is strictly forbidden. Failure to observe this rule will lead to dismissal. May I count on you to observe this rule?

  B: I'll do my best.

  27. What does the man think of the woman's opening remark?

  28. According to the conversation, what has the woman observed recently?

  29. What does the woman suggest to help solve the problem?

  30. What is the company rule according to the woman?


  Talks and Conversations答案与评析

  “可怜天下父母心”是第一篇对话的主题。女生抱怨自己的父母太守旧(old-fashioned),很难跟他们相处(not easy to put up with),而且永远没时间坐下来跟自己谈心。男生觉得自己的父母太容易焦虑,至今把自己当小孩看,什么都不放心。但两人静下心来想想,也能渐渐体会爸妈的心情,父母永远是最爱自己的人。

  第二篇的主题是我们中国人的骄傲---张衡的地动仪(seismoscope)。虽然科学技术日新月异,但地震一直以来都极难预测,更不要提避免了。然而,在公元200年前,张衡就发明了世界上第一台能够准确记录地震的精密仪器,并记下了公元138年的洛阳地震。尽管文章中有些生字难字出现,但根据关键字earthquake,record等,以及人名Zhang Heng,考生们应该能够轻易猜出文章的主题。



  最后一篇很能吸引人的兴趣,从一开始女士调侃的开场中,大家并不一定能猜出对话中两人的关系。但随着对话的深入,当考生听到女士说一直跟男士工作合作地很愉快,但今天准备要跟男士讨论一个"problem I have observed",并且指望讨论结束后能"anticipate a solution worked out for this problem",就能明确他们的上下级关系,并感觉到紧张的气氛了。接着,她指出男士在过去的一个月中迟到五次,工作效率降低,甚至每次午饭归来都一身酒气的事实。男士百般抵赖,女士仍严肃地建议他去找心理咨询,并警告他如果再酗酒,将直接被炒鱿鱼。



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